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Botanical Name: Litchi chinensis Sonn.
Family: Sapindaceae or Soapberry
(Also Called Lychee Nut or Litchi)
Chinese Spelling:
Image of the Chinese Spelling of Lychee   or    Image of an Alternate Chinese Spelling of Lychee
General Information:
Lychee Description - What is a lychee?
Origin of Lychees
Lychee Lore
Brewster Variety/Cultivar of Lychee
Mauritius Variety/Cultivar of Lychee
Hak ip Variety/Cultivar of Lychee
Health Benefits of Black Tea
The Differences Between Jellies, Jams and Preserves
Lychees and LycheesOnline.com Interview by ThingsAsian.com (in New Window)
New Jersey Star Ledger Article on Lychees 6/5/2003
5 Tips for Making a Good Lychee Martini
Lychee Fruit:
How to Select a Source for Your Fresh Lychee Fruit
Lychee Nutrition Information - USDA
Lychee Vitamin Information
5 Stages of Lychee Fruit Development
The Brewster Lychee Fruit Season in South Florida
Varieties of Lychee Fruit (South Florida Commercial Crops)
Growing Lychee Trees:
Growing Best Practices
Tips on Getting Your Lychee Tree to Produce Fruit
6 Reasons Why Lychee Trees are a Good Replacement for Removed Citrus Trees
Tips for Planting your Lychee Tree(s)
Tips for Selecting a 3 - 7 gallon size Lychee Tree
Steps for Planting a Landscape Lychee Tree in Your Yard
Lychee Tree Root System and Development
Switching from Traditional Growing to Organic
The Microbial Revolution in Growing Plants
Inoculation with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Enhances Growth of Litchi Chinensis
How to Start a Small Grove of Lychee Trees
8 Essential Factors for Growing Healthy Lychee Trees
5 Tips for Growing Lychee Trees in Containers
5 Easy Steps for Girdling a Tree to Make it Produce More Fruit
Grafting and Grafted Lychee Trees
Air Layering Lychee Trees
Air Layering Lychee Tree How to Video
Cold Protection Methods
Frost and Freeze Protection for Vegetable Crops Grown in Florida
University of Florida Abstract on Air-Layering using Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Flowering in Lychee Trees
  1. Flower Bud Formation
  2. Panicle Development
  3. Lychee Flower Types and Anatomy
  4. Flower Pollination
  5. Flower Pests
Soil Biology Primer (USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service)
Soil Biology Primer Introduction & Acknowledgements
  1. The Soil Food Web
  2. The Food Web Soil Health
  3. Soil Bacteria
  4. Soil Fungi
  5. Soil Protozoa
  6. Soil Nematodes
  7. Soil Arthropods
  8. Earthworms
Video - The 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Videos from the 2015 Lychee Fruit Season

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Air Layering a Lychee Tree 2016 Video

Two Growing rules of Thumb for a Lychee Tree -2018 Video

Lychee and Tropical Fruit Groves:
10 Reasons for Investing in Florida Agricultural Property
Breaking Lychee News:
In China, Farmers' Labor Bears Too Much Fruit
Other Lychee Resources On This Website:
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Lychee Recipes
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