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Urban Compost Tumbler 9 cubic feet

Urban Compost Tumbler 9 cubic feet

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Most Efficient and Safest Composter on the Market Today


Revolutionary composting system makes compost in weeks, not months with its Patented Central Aeration System; Works 90% Faster, Requires 75% Less Effort. Aeration is the Secret to getting "quality" nutrient-filled compost fast. The Urban Compost Tumbler (UCT) features Ease of Use, Low Maintenance and is Fully Enclosed for kid's safety and pest control. This 9.5 cubic foot (71 gallon) unit is attractively designed to fit the limited yard space common in urban areas. Made of 100% recycled food grade plastic, the UCT is ideal for recycling of yard, garden, and kitchen waste.

In an urban setting, many people have neither the space nor the time to maintain a traditional compost pile in their backyard. Add that to the growing regulations concerning compost piles, neighbor complaints, and unwanted pests..... the Urban Compost Tumbler TM (UCT) fits nicely into an urban setting while getting the job done. To the right you can see the center "Aeration Tube" in the UCT. Given enough time, all composters and methods work. Given enough oxygen, they simply work better and faster. The most efficient bacteria, called "aerobes", need oxygen to do their work. Without oxygen the aerobes cannot survive and the anaerobes take over slowing decomposition by as much as 90 percent. In addition, the center aeration tube with its cross bar assists in the break up and separation of compost as it is turned preventing the materials from turning into a ball and just sliding back and forth when tumbled.

There are "Four" ingredients that are critical for effective composting of all organic materials: carbon, nitrogen, water, and oxygen. The unique Patented core aeration system of the UCT provides the essential oxygen for the aerobic microorganisms and tool free mixing of the composting materials. This near odorless, fully enclosed composter is ideal for both yard and kitchen materials. Many cities now ban or are considering banning open compost piles because of the pest control (e.g. rats, mice, raccoons and insects) and are turning to fully enclosed composters like the UCT.

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