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UCT9 Tea-Catcher

UCT9 Tea-Catcher

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UCT9 Tea-Catcher

Made for the UCT9, this perfect little 6-quart tea catcher (2-quarts to center drain hole), captures the highly prized Nutrient rich Organic liquid by-product derived from the compost materials, known as "Compost Tea". Besides giving your outdoor Flower & Garden plants a real boost in Organic nutrient... it is also used for many exotic indoor plants as well.

Compost Tea, also known as liquid gold by many horticulturists, is used in place of commercial liquid fertilizers for your lychee trees, flowers, herb, vegetables, and practically anything else that grows. Compost tea is used to feed plants, restore plants, enhance soil microflora and can be sprayed onto the foliage to control foliar diseases. For many gardeners, compost tea is even more valuable than the actual compost.

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