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Black Gold Compost Extract - 1.5lb Powder

Black Gold Compost Extract - 1.5lb Powder

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RichEarth Black Gold is a high quality liquid compost extract that when mixed with water can be used in place of solid compost for your container planted lychee tree or to assist the solid compost & mulch of ground planted lychee trees.

RichEarth goes thru an extensive fermentation process resulting in a broth containing plant solubles like kelp, 18 different amino acids, 11 vitamins, essential humic and fulvic acids, carbohydrates and beneficial microbes that are the building blocks of rich, healthy, disease supressive soil. RichEarth improves plant health, root mass, plant vigor, chlorophyll content and soil quality.

Feed Your Soil Environment
The addition of Compost Tea to your soil mix will provide much needed food to the beneficial microbes (mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria, earthworms, etc.) that are essential to healthy soil and healthy lychee trees. These microbes eat the waste material and debris from leaf litter and the decomposing bodies of other microbes and convert it into a form that is readily absorbable by the roots of your lychee or trees and plants.

You can supplement or replace this natural, solid compost with RichEarth all natural and organic  compost extract to promote a healthy Soil Food Web for your lychee tree.

Container Lychee Trees
RichEarth is a "must-have" for container planted lychee trees because your lychee tree has much less area around the roots to maintain a healthy, balanced soil ecosystem. RichEarth will help you to optimize the mini Soil Food Web you must maintain in your soil to grow a healthy lychee tree in a container.


  • Reduces or eliminates handling solid compost
  • Promotes disease supressive soils
  • Provides food for the Soil Food Web
  • Compost extracts nourish the soil as well as the plant
  • Deeper more extensive root system
  • Higher drought tolerance
  • Loosens hard, coompact soil
  • Fast and easy to apply


Apply enough RichEarth to the soil to thoroughly moisten the root zone. Reapply every 30 days.

For best results use when soil temperatures are 65 degrees or warmer for optimum soil microbial activity and root growth.


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