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Lychee Yuan Xiao

4 1/2 cups sticky rice flour
7 oz. butter
7 oz. black sesame powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup lychee jam
1 tsp. wine

Mix the butter with sesame powder, sugar and wine together. You need to heat a little bit. Make small balls about 0.3-0.4 oz. each.

Take 1/2 cup of sticky rice flour. Add water into the flour and make flattened dough. Cook it in boiled water and take out when done. Let it cool down. Then put it in the rest of the sticky rice flour. Add water and knead until the dough is smooth.

Make the dough into small pieces about 0.3-0.4 oz. each. Make them into a ball using hands first and then make a hole in the ball like a snail. Put the sesame ball into it and close it up.

Cook them in boiled water. Make sure to keep stirring in one direction while cooking. When they float on the water, continue to boil for about one minute using less heat.